Tooth Colored Fillings

Your Guide to Tooth Colored Fillings


Do you have issues with old fillings causing pain and sensitivity in back molars? Do you hate the fact that you see old, stained metal every time you brush your teeth? We long ago moved away from traditional silver amalgam fillings and started providing tooth colored fillings that are virtually undetectable.

Are you an ideal candidate for tooth colored fillings?

You may be a good candidate for tooth colored fillings if you:

  • Have a new cavity that requires filling
  • Have old metal fillings that have started staining your teeth
  • Have fillings that have come out or have cracked

If you have old fillings, ask our dental team to check whether they have contracted, expanded, cracked, or started leaking. In many cases, an old filling will have new decay underneath it and will require replacement.

What are the benefits of tooth colored fillings?

Natural tooth colored fillings are a great option for most patients because they are:

  • Durable. Composite resin can sometimes last for years longer than a metal filling, as it won’t expand and contract with age.
  • Discreet. A tooth colored filling will be nearly invisible even when you laugh!
  • Safe. With tooth colored fillings, there is no mercury present to leak out and stain your teeth and gums

After preparing your cavity, our dental team will bond the composite resin or porcelain directly to your tooth to restore optimal appearance, comfort, and function and to provide lasting protection.

Tooth Colored Fillings in Las Vegas, NV

For safe, beautiful dental fillings, choose tooth colored composite resin! Schedule an appointment today! We’re committed to providing patients the dental care and expertise they deserve!