Dental Exams

Your Guide to Dental Exams


Periodic dental checkups are an important part of maintaining oral and overall health. Recent studies show a strong link between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. That’s why preventive dental care is so important – for your smile and quality of life!

What to expect during your dental exam

Your checkup will involve a series of exams and checks to ensure there are no issues with your teeth or gums, and will generally be performed at your initial consultation and before each cleaning. We will do the following:

  • Take your blood pressure. For many patients, visiting the dentist feels stressful, and this can cause your blood pressure to rise. Before your appointment, try to get a good night’s sleep, and avoid caffeine in the morning. Take your blood pressure medication if you have a prescription, and eat a balanced meal. When you get to our office, let us know if you feel anxious and we will do everything we can to pamper you and make you feel relaxed with our wide range of patient comfort amenities. If you need sedation, let us know when you book your appointment.
  • Note any changes in your health or medications. Make sure you update your list of health concerns and prescriptions as well as any over the counter medications, vitamins, or supplements you take.
  • Examine your mouth. We often use an intraoral camera on a tiny, pen shaped tool to look inside your mouth and note any areas of concern or changes since your last visit.
  • Screen for oral cancer. We have a safe, painless tool that can check for early warning signs of cancer and it only takes about 2 minutes to do it!
    Take digital x-rays if we need them. Our process uses only tiny amounts of radiation compared to traditional tooth x-rays, and the images are saved into your digital file.
  • Check for decay in your teeth.
  • Look for gum disease. If your gums are red, tender, or bleeding, we will assess your level of infection and recommend periodontal therapies.
    Evaluate your bite. If your upper and lower arches of teeth don’t line up correctly, the misalignment can cause jaw, shoulder, or neck pain, or even migraines.
  • Asses the integrity of past dental work. If you have old fillings or crowns, they may be damaged and need replacement.
  • Discuss your options for future dental care. Our general dentistry team will discuss your treatment with you and come up with a plan to maintain your teeth and gums.
  • Educate you on at-home care. A good oral hygiene routine will keep your mouth healthy between visits. Our staff is always happy to demonstrate proper care.

Our general dentistry team will explain any treatments you need before you leave. You’ll also receive a customized information packet explaining any dental treatments you may need in the future. If no services are needed or desired at the time of your appointment, we’ll simply recommend that you make an appointment for your next checkup!

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Las Vegas Dental Exams

To identify problems before they start, Regal Dentistry offers preventive exams. Schedule yours today!